Tattoo Styles and Inspiration.

There are countless styles of tattoos. Below we will look at some of the more popular styles, their history, meaning and the characteristics that most commonly feature in the designs categorised by each style. You may find this a useful resource if you want to get a tattoo but are not sure what you want. There are many tattoo styles out there that can help you get the perfect artistic expression you are looking for. If you want to discuss any tattoo ideas with us or ask for advice, feel free to get in touch. Getting a tattoo and deciding on a design is an important decision, our highly experienced and knowledgeable team are happy to help in any way we can. Read more >

Getting a Tattoo on Holiday in Bali.

This page is to inform anyone who is thinking of travelling to Bali to get tattoo work done or get a tattoo while on holiday in Bali. Bali has so much to offer when it comes to experience. It is a paradise. There are so many activities available from surfing or jet skiing to thrill-seeking pursuits like the famed Ubud swing. There are also many tourist attractions and its colourful culture, Bali has also become a hotspot for people looking to be spontaneous and get tattooed. Check out our Travel Information and Highlights page for more information. Getting a tattoo in Bali is significantly cheaper than any other country in the world. Although it is relatively affordable, you can still get some high-quality tattoos. It can be cheaper to travel to Bali where you get to enjoy a holiday as well as get your dream tattoo. This of corse depends on where you are from and what tattoo you are planning on getting. Read more >

Travel Information and Highlights.

Constant Ink Addiction is located in the Seminyak area. Below is some general information on Seminyak and what to do, where to eat, where to go out and experience the exciting nightlife Seminyak has to offer and where to stay if you are planning on coming here to get a tattoo at Constant Ink Addiction. We offer a free pickup service for your tattoo appointment if you are staying somewhere local. We are also happy to offer any advice on the area and help with directions whilst you are here. Seminyak is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bali. People gravitate here for that little bit of luxury and relaxation that lacks in its neighbours Kuta and Legian. Read more >

Tattoo Aftercare and Preparing for your Appointment.

This page is to help you understand how to best prepare for your tattoo appointment so that you have the best possible experience at Constant Ink Addiction and most importantly, how to care for your new tattoo after it is finished. This is particularly important when on holiday or just being in an environment like Bali as there are many ways to damage your fresh ink. First we will look at how you can get yourself ready for your appointment. This includes things like being hydrated, preparing your skin, getting a good night’s sleep, eating well before, bringing snacks and water and wearing comfortable clothing. It is also important that you don’t come to your appointment while intoxicated or with any substances in your system as it can thin your blood causing an increase in excessive bleeding and affect the quality of your tattoo as well as impair your judgement. Read more >